Concussion Lab NO CONTACT Pinnies

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Concussion Lab’s NO CONTACT Pinnies are designed for ALL athletes that are taking part in a return-to-sport protocol after having sustained a concussion injury. 

*Whether facing off at center ice, playing soccer in the schoolyard, or joining your coworkers for some recreational rivalry, Concussion Lab’s ZERO CONTACT Pinnies are aimed at getting you back in action while remaining in the non-contact phases of return-to-play. These bright and breathable pullovers are a perfect way for you to progressively get back into the game without your teammates and opponents coming into contact.      

Research has shown that following a brief period of rest after concussion injury, athletes can be encouraged to become gradually more active as tolerated by their symptom threshold. Under new Federal, Provincial, and State legislations, sport organizations and school boards are taking on the responsibility of ensuring that athletes with suspected concussions do not return to sport until adhering to a standard concussion protocol. Most individuals recover in 2-4 weeks and should take part in a step-wise return-to-play protocol supported by athletes, coaches, parents/guardians, and regulated healthcare professionals. Concussion Lab's NO CONTACT Campaign hopes to bring awareness to the importance of sport participation while promoting concussion safety for all of our athletes.

Concussion Lab’s ZERO CONTACT Pinnies can be purchased by athletes, parents, coaches, trainers, teachers, schools, recreational/competitive sports teams and leagues. Get yours now at: