Physiotherapy Practice Tools
-Joint Position Error Target

    -Exercise Printouts

      Cervical Spine Assessment

      -Canadian C-Spine Rules

      -Canadian C-Spine Rules (slides)

      -Screening for Vascular Pathologies of the Neck Post-Concussion

      -Cervical Spine Mobility and Palpation Assessment

      -Cervical Spine Strength, Endurance, and Motor Control Assessment & Exercises

      -Sensorimotor Dysfunction of the Neck Post-Concussion: Cervical Joint Position Error Test

      Vestibular Assessment & Intervention

      -Vestibular Assessment & Intervention Post Concussion: BESS Test

      -Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screen (VOMS)

      -VOMS handout

      -Dizziness Differentiation and VOR Tests

      -Vestibular-Ocular Interventions

      -Convergence Therapy

      Concussion & the Benefits of Exercise

      -Concussion and the Benefits of Exercise: The Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test (BCTT)

      -PRINTABLE Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test

      -Exertional Assessment using the Buffalo Concussion Bike Test (BCBT)

      -EXCEL Buffalo Concussion Bike Test with Workload Conversion

      -PRINTABLE PDF Buffalo Concussion Bike Test

      Concussion Guidelines
      -Consensus statement on concussion in sport
      -NEW! Clinical Practice Guidelines: Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment After Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury


        -Post-Concussion Headache Algorithm


        Pediatric Information


        -Neurological and Cervical Spine: Physical Examination
        -Living Guideline for Diagnosing and Managing Pediatric Concussion
        -Post-Concussion Vision, Vestibular, and Oculomotor Disturbances Algorithm
        -Post-Concussion Information Sheet 
        -Concussion Management Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers

        -CHEO Sleep for Youth

        -Strategies to Promote Good Sleep and Alertness
        -Prolonged Post-Concussion Sleep Disturbances Algorithm
        -Boston Children's Hospital - Headache and Medication Diary 

        -pedMIDAS Headache Severity Tool for Children aged 4-18

        -Predicting Persistent Post-Concussive Problems in Pediatrics (5P): Score Calculator
        -Post-Concussion Mental Health Considerations Algorithm
        -Management of Prolonged Mental Health Disorders Algorithm
        -Four "P's": Prioritize, Plan, Pace, and Position
        -CDC Pediatric mTBI Guideline

        Industry Influencers

        -Parachute Canada
        -Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
        -Concussions Ontario - Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation
        -Canadian Concussion Collaborative (CCC)
        -Sport Physiotherapy Canada
        -Heads Up - CDC

            Concussion Handbooks
            -CATT Concussion Resources for Players & Participants

              -Holland Bloorview Handbook

                -ONF Adult Concussion Guidelines, 3rd Edition


                    Concussion Information Handouts
                    -Holland Bloorview Infographics


                        Concussion Assessment Tools
                                -The Rivermead Post-Concussion Symptoms Questionnaire
                                  -Acute Concussion Evaluation (ACE)
                                    Return to Activity Guidelines

                                    -Return to Sport

                                      -CanChild Return to Activity Guidelines

                                      -Return to School

                                        -CanChild Return to School Guidelines

                                        -Concussion Implications and Interventions for the Classroom

                                        -Return to Work

                                            Medical Letters
                                            -Medical Assessment Letter

                                              -Medical Clearance Letter

                                                -Template for Concussion Team's Letter to School

                                                    Physiotherapy Practice Tools
                                                    -Joint Position Error Target

                                                      -Exercise Printouts
                                                              Heads Up Concussion Posters


                                                                *There are several research studies underway observing the effect of cervical proprioception on motor control, particularly after neck and/or concussion injury. In the lab, researchers are utilizing the laser headlamp to study assessment and treatment tasks targeting joint position error of the cervical spine.

                                                                Future studies will aim to advance our knowledge on oculomotor, vestibular, and kinesthetic integration systems in both healthy and concussed populations.

                                                                    Further studies will focus on the validity and reliability of the laser headlamp as it applies to research and clinical settings.

                                                                    Medical Journals

                                                                    -Dizziness Differentiation Studies

                                                                    -Sleep Studies

                                                                     -Exercise Intolerance and Exertional Therapy Studies

                                                                     -Cervicovestibular Rehabilitation Studies

                                                                    -Pediatric Studies