About Us

Our mission is to modernize the way in which concussions are managed, and provide evidence-based rehabilitation tools to athletes that have sustained concussion-related injuries.  We offer simple standardized products to help clients achieve optimal recovery and effectively return to school, work, sports and their every day lives.

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Siobhan Godwin, Founder & CEO

Siobhan Godwin is a physical therapist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Precision Physical Therapy & Pilates in Nashville, TN. Siobhan graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Master of Health Sciences in Physiotherapy/Maîtrise en Sciences de la Santé en physiothérapie. Prior to pursuing her degree in Physiotherapy, Siobhan attended the University of Windsor where she completed a Bachelor of Movement Science in Human Kinetics. She is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy and a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy. Siobhan largely focuses her physical therapy practice in sports-related concussion management and rehabilitation.  Her practice involves a thorough screen of the neurological, oculomotor, vestibular, cervical, and autonomic systems of each patient. As a physical therapist, Siobhan uses rehabilitation techniques such as manual therapy, strengthening exercises, sensorimotor integration, exertional therapy, acupuncture, and other pain modalities in order to promote the optimal recovery of each patient. She also partakes in clinical concussion research and works closely with international organizations advocating global concussion awareness and advancement. She is on the Sport Physiotherapy Canada Concussion Committee and holds a Certificate in Sport Physiotherapy. Siobhan has an extensive background as a national and international level figure skater with 15 consecutive years of competitive experience in the discipline of ice dance. She continues to stay involved in the sport of figure skating as a nationally certified NCCP Ice Dance coach and Skate Canada Integrated Sports Team physiotherapist. She participates on the medical team at a multitude of Skate Canada and International Skating Union events throughout the competitive season. Siobhan is fluent in both English and French languages.

Jenni Karam

Jenni Karam, Executive Assistant

Jenni Karam is a recent graduate from the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University, where she successfully completed a Bachelor of Commerce with a minor in Law. She currently works as a Conflict of Interest Advisor in the Labour Relations Division at Health Canada.

John Cerpnjak

John Cerpnjak, Marketing Director

John Cerpnjak is a Digital Marketing Expert with proven skills in copywriting and design. John received his honours bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Communication Studies from McMaster University in 2011. He also received a post-graduate certificate from Humber College for Advertising Copywriting in 2013. John is a successful Project Leader, who directs teams of various sizes on all matters of lead generation and customer acquisition.

Mary Elizabeth Kitch

Mary Elizabeth Kinch, Product Designer

Mary Elizabeth Kinch joined the Concussion Lab team as Product Developer in 2018. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Political Science from The University of Toronto and a degree in Fashion Design from Sheridan College.  With a strong background in research and design, Mary Elizabeth has written two books, and lectured and taught design in both Canada and the United States. She is a creative problem solver, and firmly believes in lifelong learning and finding that little bit of inspiration or information to spark new and innovative approaches to projects. Mary Elizabeth brings this philosophy to her work at Concussion Lab in the development of products that help patients to optimize their concussion recovery.