Concussion Lab Chest Strap with Bracket

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Concussion Lab Inc. has developed the Concussion Lab Chest Strap that can be integrated in post-concussion rehabilitation exercise programs to compliment the Concussion Lab Laser HeadlampThis new product is intended to be placed around the chest to measure joint position error in the Neck Torsion Joint Position Error Test, in which the head is kept still while the trunk moves into rotation. Trunk rotation on a still head induces relative rotation of the head and neck, which stimulates cervical afferent neurons.  This technique can be used to identify a cervical contribution to sensorimotor dysfunction and rule-out vestibulopathy, as well as to retrain cervical kinaesthesia. The Concussion Lab Chest Strap may also be useful in Enbloc rotation, in which the head and trunk move together to test and retrain vestibular pathology.


  • Comfortable, adjustable elastic chest strap with maximum circumference of 113 cm
  • Can be combined with smaller adjustable Concussion Lab Laser Headlamp straps for smaller torsos and for use with other body parts such as the upper and lower extremity
  • LASER NOT INCLUDED - Must purchase full Concussion Lab Laser Proprioceptive Rehabilitation System for both laser headlamp and body strap
  • Additional bracket included for ease of transferring laser unit from headlamp strap to chest strap, and for older laser headlamp models without velcro straps where bracket is not removable