Concussion Lab Weighted Vest

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Novel studies on concussion rehabilitation are examining the effects of weighted compression vests on balance, anxiety, neurocognitive, and cardiovascular outcomes in patients recovering from concussion. Clinically, weighted compression vests have been beneficial in treatment for populations with autism and anxiety due to features such as proprioceptive input to the trunk and sensory regulation.

The Concussion Lab Weighted Vest is useful for athletes post-concussion that present with vestibular and sensory integration disturbances. It can also be used in high-performance rehabilitation for athletes partaking in exertional therapy and returning to sport.

  • 7 lbs of weight included with each vest (24 weighted bars per order)
  • High-performance fabric made with Stomatex® technology
  • Nylon/polyester material lined with closed-cell foam neoprene
  • Synthetic rubber is waterproof and durable
  • Breathable fabric allows temperature control and flexible physical comfort
  • Stomatex® technology inspired by the physics of transpiring leaves
    • Pattern of dome-shaped vapour chambers that pump out excess heat and perspiration through tiny pores in each chamber to replicate the way in which a plant's stomata transpires and passes vapour from inside the leaf into the atmosphere.